A modern take on a

historic mission.

Aria Denver is a distinctively modern community. Its homes are designed by some of America’s premier green-living architects, constructed with the most advanced building techniques and equipped with innovative technology and modern appliances. Yet the story behind it is much older. Mixed into the concrete of every building’s foundation and watered into the roots of every plant are the principles of the Sisters of St. Francis, the former owners of the Aria Denver property. For almost a century, the Sisters have embodied the ideals of community improvement and environmental stewardship.

The Sisters’ ideals are woven into all aspects of Aria Denver. The community features different kinds of housing to encourage a diverse mix of people and gardens to promote social interaction. Intentionally located near Regis University to foster unique learning opportunities, Aria Denver inspires personal growth and community connections.

Aria Denver is not just a place for you to call home. It’s an economically and environmentally responsible development model for future generations to follow – an exciting urban place made up of vibrant, dedicated people living in modern, sustainable homes.