Cultivate Health 

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Putting People First

Cultivate Health is a partnership among Regis University, Aria Denver and the surrounding neighborhoods.  The goal of Cultivate Health is to support the health and wellness of residents living in this multi-generational, mixed-income community.  This project will create infrastructure and programming that promote an active lifestyle, increase access to healthy food and offer integrated health care services. 


Seed to Plate

Aria Denver features a one-acre production garden, community plots, and permaculture pocket gardens named, The Sister Gardens, after the site’s heritage. Aria Denver also features an 1800 square foot Groundwork Greens Greenhouse. Both the Greenhouse and Garden are operated by Groundwork Denver and sells fresh produce to the neighborhood, Denver businesses and provides job training to low-income youth.  Regis University’s Center for Food Systems and Community Health offers classes to community residents as well as to students in the Gardens. Check out Aria Denver’s new and events to see what is happening at the Garden. 

Active Living

The way a community is designed has direct impacts on residents’ physical fitness and overall health.  Aria Denver has been thoughtfully planned to encourage active living, with walking paths and exercise facilities planned on site.  Outdoor fitness equipment will be installed at nearby Zuni Park and at Marycrest Assisted Living, two of several destinations along a 3.7-mile wellness walk.  The wellness walk will connect Aria Denver with Regis University and other neighborhood landmarks, such as Beach Court Elementary School.  Bicycle programs featuring urban riding classes and basic repair classes will be offered to the community.  A healthy living coordinator will lead group walks, fitness classes, and other active living programs to get your body in motion.

Community Commitment

The development team is committed to setting a solid framework for the Aria Denver community.  However, the success of a great neighborhood is dependent upon its people.  Aria Denver residents, along with folks in Chaffee Park and Regis, are passionate about their neighborhood and are committed to making their community a better place.  The social network is strong and is getting increasingly better.  The Chaffee Park-Regis neighborhood was selected to be part of the City of Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhoods Program, a credit based program administered through the Denver Department of Environmental Health.  Chaffee Park–Regis residents are organizing workshops, projects and events that enhance the livability of their neighborhood and reduce residents’ ecological footprint.  In October of 2014, the Chaffee Park-Regis neighborhood achieved designation as an “Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood.” Check out the Facebook Page and email


Aria Denver is dedicated to environmental sustainability.  As the site gets redeveloped, the development team is following Enterprise Green Communities standards, which integrates green building materials and principles, promotes environmental quality, economic vitality and social cohesion.  Aria Denver is committed to conserving energy (by using efficient lighting methods and solar arrays), planting drought-resistant landscaping, installing low-flow water fixtures in our buildings, and utilizing durable materials for longer life and reduced maintenance.  Read more detailed information about the Aria townhomes‘ and Aria apartments‘ green features.

Health Care

Regis faculty and students will operate the Regis Neighborhood Health Clinic.  Primary care will be delivered by an inter-professional team of mid-level providers. Co-locating these providers (nurse practitioners, physical therapists, pharmacists, and behavioral health counselors) in a pod will enhance access to primary and preventative care for a community that is designated a “health care desert.” It will also improve the inter-professional capabilities of faculty and students.  Providers may write prescriptions for medications that can be filled in the onsite pharmacy as well as prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables. Patients can be referred to outside providers for specialty care such as orthopedics, psychiatry, or oral health.