Our Story


Located just eight minutes from downtown, Aria Denver is a community that supports simple, healthy living and community engagement.  This unique neighborhood provides its residents with the tools they need to nurture family and relationships, encourage environmental sustainability and provide a blueprint for 21st century living.

Aria Denver is an intergenerational neighborhood where people intentionally create community.  A mix of housing, open space and urban agriculture help integrate the residents with the land and its history.  Near Regis University, Aria Denver fosters a culture of lifelong learning and a place where people can continue to grow

Development Team and Partners

Development Team

Aria Denver is being co-developed by Urban Ventures, LLC and Perry-Rose, LLC, real estate development companies that are dedicated to creating healthy, sustainable communities. Other members of the Aria Denver development and design team include: Wenk Associates, Michelle Kaufmann Studio, Studio PBA, Humphries Poli Architects, Oz Architecture, Taylor Kohrs, New Town Builders, Weins Development Group, Moonstar, Habitat for Humanity, and Palace Construction.

Community Partners

Cultivate Health

Aria Denver is part of the Cultivate Health initiative, a partnership among Regis University, Aria Denver, and the surrounding neighborhoods.  The goal of Cultivate Health is to support the health and wellness of residents in the neighborhood.  The project will create infrastructure and programming that promote an active lifestyle, increase access to healthy food and offer integrated health services.

Sustainable Neighborhoods Program

Aria is part of the City and County of Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhood Program, a pilot program that encourages community building around sustainability efforts in the broader Regis-Chaffee Park neighborhood.  Aria Denver incorporates Enterprise Green Communities, LEED and Energy Star standards, which address neighborhood fabric, water conservation, energy efficiency, utilization of materials beneficial to the environment, and the creation of a healthy living environment.